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We offer a range of services that can be tailored to suit any size of organisation from small independent leasing companies to large international banking groups.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management starts at the pre-funding stage where we advise on current and residual values and develop operating and return conditions. Throughout the life of the funding arrangement we will regularly inspect and value the asset (mark-to-market), project termination value, advise on remarketing opportunities and at pre-termination will value the asset and undertake to dispose of it via advertising on our asset sales site and through targeted marketing strategies.

Portfolio Management incorporates our PAM™ (Physical Asset Manager™) system which provides the client with the means to monitor their portfolio, update asset information and run reports.

The service is scalable and can be tailored to suit specific portfolios and classes of assets. Portfolio Management is available for all size and mix of portfolio, level of maturity and point in the funding lifecycle.

All of the component services of Portfolio Management are available as individual services.

Asset Register

Asset Register utilises the record keeping functionality of the PAM™ system, maintains a full asset history and provides the client with the means to monitor their portfolio, update asset information and run reports. The client is responsible for tracking and revaluing the portfolio.

Valuation & Inspection

We offer a full range of asset valuation services from desk top and pre-funding valuations through to advising on residual values and pre-termination valuations.

Our unique valuation methodology looks beyond asset age, condition and prevailing market prices (traditional approach) and incorporates a range of influencing factors that can have a bearing on value and secondary market options. The valuation summary incorporates two projections illustrating the ‘traditional approach’ and a value based on influencing factors, both provide value projections to termination.

Inspections include a full report and photograph with accompanying valuation.

Asset Types

Operating and Return Conditions

Good operating and return conditions serve to establish a lender's ownership and enshrine value in an asset at each point in the funding lifecycle. Our extensive portfolio of operating and return conditions coupled with our asset experience means that we can provide the right terms for protecting a lender's interest.

Secondary Marketing and Disposals

We advise on secondary market options, will manage secondary marketing and by leveraging our extensive relationships and advertising on our sales site facilitate asset disposals.

Risk Modelling

Clients using the PAM™ asset management system can extract asset data to run risk models and what-if scenarios. Offered in conjunction with our risk modelling partner ALM provides a risk modelling tool that can analyse risk at asset class, portfolio and enterprise levels.


We offer a full range of consultancy services from portfolio valuation through to portfolio and business acquisition /disposal. Our consultants are all seasoned professional with first-hand asset and finance sector experience.

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