PAM™ is an asset management system designed by asset managers. Whether you are writing operating leases or financial leases PAM™ is the tool for organising portfolios recording asset details and revaluing and monitoring RV (where appropriate).

PAM™ is designed to be asset specific; each asset has its own record. All events associated with an asset can be recorded and all documentation – return conditions, photographs, reports, invoices, etc. – can be attached to the record.

Use PAM™ to

Create your own asset register and attach all documentation.

Build own asset database for risk management, underwriting, RV setting and modelling

Revalue individual assets, asset classes or whole portfolios

Monitor RV positions

Record in-life actions and costs

Record end of lease actions, costs and income – manage disposal process

Features included in PAM™

PAM™ is multi-portfolio

PAM™ is multi-currency

PAM™ is multi-asset

PAM™ has full audit trail reporting

PAM™ is secure, cloud-based and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection

PAM™ can be used standalone or linked to other systems and data services

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